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build with everything.

The 3D design space with real-life building blocks that lets kids create whatever they want

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"A reinvention of building sets like Lego with a more creative and sustainable mindset."
The New York Times
“It's physical like Lego and hackable like Minecraft!”
Maker Mum Gina H.
“This is a brilliant, brilliant idea! Every parent should have this.”
John Chae, K12 STEM Camp NYC

How it Works

Design Online

The future belongs to creators!

Build IRL

The future belongs to makers!

Learn and Share

The future belongs to you!

The Online 3D Makerspace

Use the online creative studio's huge library of parts to design any toy, project or product you can think of. It’s free, fun and easy to use.


The Branes

Use your Branes to cross-connect all the stuff you already have like LEGO(R), Meccano(R), or even littleBits Electronics and build crazy mashups in real life.


The Community Catalog

A place where everything and everyone comes together. Be inspired by the community’s work and share your own ideas to inspire others.


You can build with everything

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